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We are here to promote the collaboration within the scientific, research and provider communities to achieve advances in the field of autism treatment.

Every day, all over the world, approximately 370,000 babies are born. For parents it is one of the greatest and most memorable days of their lives.

In America there are approximately 11,000 births every day. Imagine! Virtually every time you blink your eyes another baby is born! Unfortunately, not all babies are born healthy. There are about 17,000 children each year that will not make it to their first birthday.

For those that do survive, childhood diseases and disorders claim the physical and mental health of many children.

Due to advancements in medicine and technology, the prevalence of many childhood diseases and disorders have declined dramatically, but one disorder continues to rise: Autism.  Favicon

Ten years ago, 1 out of every 166 children was diagnosed with autism. Today, 1 out of every 68 children is diagnosed with autism. 220 children are diagnosed with autism every day. This is more than 6 times the rate of children being diagnosed with cancer.

Up until now the focus of autism has been on public awareness, finding the cause, and discovering a solution to eradicate autism. While these are heroic efforts, the paradigm needs to start shifting towards helping the families of children diagnosed with autism cope with the ever increasing medical and therapeutic costs.

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For many parents of children with autism, getting the help they need to improve their child’s level of functioning and quality of life is cost prohibitive. Families simply cannot afford to help their (special needs) children.

At Inside Autism, Our mission is to strengthen families with autistic children by providing much needed funds and services as well as education, research, and advocacy. We provide the funds necessary to cover medical and therapeutic costs associated with improving the life of autistic children and their families.

For this to be possible, we need your help.

Please help us help these families bring out The Light in Every Child.

Together we can help bring out

 “The Light in Every Child”.


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At Inside Autism our goal is to help our families help their children with autism…

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