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One night under a very starry sky, from the peer(dock) of his little home surrounded by the ocean, from a tiny island of the North coast of Honduras (in the Caribbean), a twelve year old boy prayed his heart out to God. After making his petition for a wife that would complete him and for a son he made a covenant with his Lord, that he would be a loving husband and a father that would raise his son to bring honor and glory to God. He made a vow in that he would name his son after his own name just backwards.

Nine years later he was married to the most beautiful woman in the world then after another five years in the Spring of the year 2000 Kered was born. God answered my prayer and I was the most complete man ever.  However, after the joy of the first two years with our son there was obviously something different about Kered. Like so many of our children today he was diagnosed with Autism and  like so many parents today we were stricken.

I prayed that prayer ever since I was twelve years old,  Kered is now fifteen and (today he is my autistic child of God) like many parents with children with autism we are on an unexpected journey. As difficult as it was to accept the condition of my child it has been even more so challenging to treat these self condition behaviors. If only I knew then what I know now, what would I have done. This is the agony that so many of us share and we don’t want one other parent to have to make one more step into this journey without knowing what they need to know.

First, you need to accept the condition of your child, not as much as to accept that this how he will always be but this is how he is now and what is the very next step I need to take. Early intervention is essential it will broaden the narrow path that you are now about to take.





Then you must take action, don’t wait for anyone or anything to be placed in your lap. It could be a year or even more before what you need is offered. You must go after what your child is in need of now. The services provided through our government agencies come far too later than when they are needed. Don’t wait act now.

You must persevere, you cannot allow your feelings to dominate the reality that is before you. Now that you have acquired the knowledge and the tools you will have to implement them over and over again.

We thought you should know this about us because we are here to help our autistic children, all our parents, family and friends who are traveling this same road. By God’s grace and the collaboration of the entire autistic community we will help each other through this.

My hope is in that I believe  God is going to finish what He started. He promises that ALL things work together for good to those who love Him an are called according to His purpose. Together we will bring out the Light in every Child.

My name is Derek Howell, I’m married to Ms. Cindy Howell, Kered is the first of our three children. We know that we are not the only parents of a child with autism in our community, yet there are many things we know that many have yet learned and need to and there are many that knows so many things we have yet to learn and need to. From this platform: Inside Autism, we will not only collaborate with the resources and tools from established services, science research and providers but also from the well established autistic community made up of families just like yours and mine. Together we will help each other thru this journey. Remember there is a Light in every child.

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At Inside Autism our goal is to help our families help their children with autism…

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